Here are some questions we get bombarded with.

How long is a piece of string? It’s an open question, web site cost is determined by what is put into it. Do you need six pages or twenty pages, how much text on each page, are you selling items on your website?
We cannot really say how much a web site will be until we know what you want.
What we can tell you is a price for another web site we made, it’s in our portfolio “”. The client supplied us with all content and pictures, the website has seven pages, total cost £240.00. There is ongoing costs of £60.00 per year for hosting space, domain name and webmail. Click below to visit the website.

We are based in a small village just outside Strathaven on the West Coast of Scotland. Do not let that put you off though, we can communicate in various ways these days. We would love to come and visit you on site but there is absolutely no need, we need information from you and that can be delivered face to face or virtually, we will just have to miss out on the coffee.

We do use WordPress but not exclusively. Our older sites were coded in basic HTML and we can still use it but wordpress allows us more creativity and they are what people expect of a web site now.

Yes indeed, have a look at our Web Site Maintenance and Support page.

Once again this depends upon content, size of site etc. We would like to get things done in four to six weeks. If you have a large site with many items for sale then it could take longer, same goes for a smaller site it could be shorter than the 4 – 6 week window.

Once we know your requirements we will give you a price, before we start coding your web site we will require a 30% deposit. Midway through the build we will let you see how things are going and we will require 40% then. The remaining 30% should be paid when your site goes live. You then have exclusive rights to the site – after all you have paid for it.
We can also offer a monthly payment option where we require 30% deposit to start, then work out a mutual monthly cost. We will have full control of the website during this time, if payment stops then we can stop the website running.

We want you to be happy with the website and there is no point in coding away behind the scenes, presenting it to you with a “taa raa” just to find you don’t like it. We will start with plenty of questions to get the feel of what you want and keep you informed during the process.

This really should be down to you. You may be a plumber or an estate agent and we would not expect you to tell everyone what we do. You know your business and you are the best one to provide the information required to include on your website. However we can provide copywriting to help out the spaces, but that increases cost.

That is where the monthly maintenance and support package comes in. However we are only an email or telephone call away, should you need any additional help or support with your site, just get in touch.

We can also set up the site to allow editing, we would then need to train someone in your company to edit the site.

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