Compare ‘DIY vs Designed’ Pay Monthly Websites

14th April 2017 by John Carrell

Pay monthly websites are perfect for small businesses or start-ups

You probably know that you need a website for your business. However, as a start-up or small business owner it can be challenge to find the money to pay for it. There are loads of drains on your finances – such as buying equipment, hiring staff, or buying stock – which leaves very little left over to build a good website.

So how do you go about getting a website that doesn’t break the bank? If only there was a way that you could keep the cost of development of a new website down.

Pay monthly may be the answer. They work, as the name suggests, by you paying a moderate monthly fee. This fee is tiny in comparison to the amount you would have to pay for a standard website.

Every supplier is different so it makes it difficult to compare pay monthly website deals. Many have a really low headline rate but then top this up with extras that bump the price up. Often these extras are actually essentials so you need to make sure that when you look at different suppliers that you are actually costing the same things.

Pay monthly websites aren’t for everyone. However, if you are struggling to get the money to finance a good website they may be a godsend. So what are they, and what makes them different?

What do you get with a pay monthly website?

The pay monthly websites market is broken in 2 main parts:

  • Do it yourself websites (DIY)
  • Designed websites

DIY pay monthly websites

DIY websites are supplied by big businesses with automated computer systems that churn out 100’s of site per week. They tend to be the cheapest of the 2 option. This is for a reason – you do everything yourself!

DIY websites are great for people who are happy to tinker with the website design and layout. However, many people in the marketing industry would argue that unless you know what you are doing you will end up with a poor website that is unlikely to convert visitors into clients. This is an issue as the whole point of paying for a website is to get more clients.

Remember there is more to a website than throwing some text and pictures on a page and publishing it online. In fact some in the industry dispute if this actually qualifies a website at all – instead they would describe it as a ‘web presence’.

If you are really strapped for cash then DIY may be an option, but I wouldn’t expect this type of website to generate very much business.

These can start from around £10 per month but often end up costing £20 – £30 per month once you add in the ‘extras’.

Designed pay monthly websites

This type of website is usually provided by a web design agency. This means you will be more likely to be dealing with web designers with some experience in providing good websites.

Unlike the DIY option you will have someone else design the look of your website such as colors and layout. This will save you time and frustration and should mean that you end up with something that looks more professional.

You will probably still need to write, and add your text and pictures yourself. This is normally done by logging in to a secure area and updating things. This is normally a fairly simple process so if you can cope with using Microsoft Word then you should be fine.

Since someone else will be handling the design the cost will be higher than the DIY approach. Price normally start at around £45 – £50 per month..